Using vendor plug-ins with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c

In a previously blog I shared how you could get the Pure Storage FlashArray Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control from the Oracle Extensibility Exchange, you can read-up on this here.

As Pure have recently upgraded the Plug-in to 13.3.1 I thought it would be a good time to re-visit Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control.

Import the Plug-In

Before we can begin we will need to download the latest OPAR file and copy it to our OMS server e.g.

Logon to Enterprise Manager from the command line using emcli login providing the sysman password.

[oracle@z-oem ~]$ emcli login -username=sysman
Enter password 

Login successful

We can now import the OPAR file using emcli import, below you can see I have used -file to set the path and filename and the -omslocal flag to indicate the file is on the local OMS server.

[oracle@z-oem ~]$ emcli import_update -file="/u01/pureoem/" -omslocal
Processing update: Plug-in - Enterprise Manager for Pure Storage Flash Array
Successfully uploaded the update to Enterprise Manager. Use the Self Update Console to manage this update.

Deploy Plug-In to Oracle Management Server (OMS)

After the OPAR file has been imported the next step is to deploy the plug-in to the Oracle Management Server (OMS) using emcli deploy_plugin.

[oracle@z-oem ~]$ emcli deploy_plugin_on_server -sys_password=<sys password> -plugin=vlss.pure.xvp1:
Performing pre-requisites check... This will take a while.
Prerequisites check succeeded
Deployment of plug-in on the management servers is in progress
Use "emcli get_plugin_deployment_status -plugin=vlss.pure.xvp1" to track the plug-in deployment status.

The Pure Storage FlashArray Plug-In should now be visible, we can check this by navigating to Setup → Extensibility → Plug-ins

Deploy Plug-In to Oracle Management Agent (OMA)

The plug-in now needs to deployed to at least one Oracle Management Agent, we can do this from the command line using emcli deploy or the WebUI.

[oracle@z-oem ~]$ emcli deploy_plugin_on_agent -agent_names="<agent host>:3872" -plugin=vlss.pure.xvp1:

Follow the wizard prompts to complete the deployment.

Use emcli get_plugin_deployment_status to report progress and status.

[oracle@z-oem ~]$ emcli get_plugin_deployment_status -plugin=vlss.pure.xvp1
Plug-in Deployment/Undeployment Status

Destination          : Management Agent -
Plug-in Name         : Pure Storage Flash Array                
Version              :                              
ID                   : vlss.pure.xvp1                          
Content              : Plug-in                                 
Action               : Deployment                              
Status               : Success                                 
Steps Info:
------------------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- -------
Step                                     Start Time                End Time               Status     
------------------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- -------
Submit job for deployment             26/05/20 14:30:56 o'clock BST 26/05/20 14:30:57 o'clock BST Success    
Initialize                            26/05/20 14:30:59 o'clock BST 26/05/20 14:31:06 o'clock BST Success    
Validate Environment                  26/05/20 14:31:08 o'clock BST 26/05/20 14:31:08 o'clock BST Success    
Install software                      26/05/20 14:31:09 o'clock BST 26/05/20 14:31:10 o'clock BST Success    
Attach Oracle Home to Inventory       26/05/20 14:31:11 o'clock BST 26/05/20 14:31:26 o'clock BST Success    
Configure plug-in on Management Agent 26/05/20 14:31:26 o'clock BST 26/05/20 14:31:45 o'clock BST Success    
Update inventory                      26/05/20 14:31:41 o'clock BST 26/05/20 14:31:45 o'clock BST Success    
Management Agent with Plug-in

Add Pure FlashArray Target

No we have the plug-in deployed we can add a Pure FlashArray target with the WebUI or command line interface using emcli add_target, as I have a number of arrays to add I will use the emcli in this example.

[oracle@z-oem ~]$ emcli add_target -name="se-EMEA-EBC-FAm20-a" -type="pure_flash_array" -host="" -properties="ARRAY_HOST:<array ip>;API_TOKEN:<api token>" 
Target "se-EMEA-EBC-FAm20-a:pure_flash_array" added successfully

From Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c, click on Targets → All Targets and in the search box, enter the name of the FlashArray used above and the FlashArray Home page will be displayed.

Home Page

The FlashArray Home Page is divided into 3 panes.

The Summary pane show the FlashArray details including name, array model and Purity version. 

The Capacity pane at the bottom displays a pie chart of current usage, including volumes, shared space, snapshots, system, and free space.

The Performance pane on the right-hand side displays 3 graphs showing:

  • Read and Write Latency
  • Read, Write, and Total IOPS
  • Read, Write, and Total Bandwidth

The Performance pane radio buttons can change the view to Last Hour, Last 24 Hours, Last 7 Days and Last 30 Days.  

Volume Page

The Volume Page lists the FlashArray Volumes, from here you can use the Search box to find the volumes you are interested in, you can select a single or multiple Volumes.

This will again display the Latency, IOPS and bandwidth charts, from here we can also use the radio buttons to change the date range view.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud – Volume Page

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