Getting started with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Object Storage

Introduction In my post How to access Object Storage from your on-premises database I showed how we configure an Oracle 19c (19.9+) database to use the DBMS_CLOUD package to access objects stored within Object Stores. In this post I will share how I created the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Object Store bucket and objects I... Continue Reading →

How to control Kubernetes volume provisioning with Portworx commit labels

Introduction By default, Portworx thin provisions volumes and balances them according to current usage and load within the cluster, requiring only minimal configuration. This approach enables applications to provision volumes simply as long as you have enough backing storage for the volume usage. However if the volume usage exceeds your available backing storage, and allocating... Continue Reading →

Protecting your Kubernetes Oracle database with Portworx Volume Group Snapshots

Introduction If you follow my blog or have read my post Oracle Database 19c on Kubernetes with Portworx storage you may have an Oracle database running on Kubernetes and are wondering how do I protect it. In this post I will show you how we can use Portworx Volume Group Snapshots to complement other backup strategies.... Continue Reading →

Getting started with the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Simulator on VirtualBox

Background In this post I am going to walkthrough how you can get, and install the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance simulator on VirtualBox. I will then share how we can create an NFS filesystem and configure SNMP to support HCC (Hybrid Columnar Compression). Download OVA Start by downloading the 3.4GB Oracle Storage Appliance Simulator software... Continue Reading →

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