Delphix and DB2 ‘Air Gapped’

Delphix v5.0 Delphix v5.0 introduced many new feature including Secure Replication, SDD (Selective Data Distribution) and Oracle E-Business Suite Multi-Node, but in this Blog I am going to give the new DB2 functionality a test drive. Delphix and DB2 The Delphix DB2 solution uses DB2 High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) capability to synchronise data from... Continue Reading →

Oracle EBS Cloning with Delphix 5.0

History of Delphix and Oracle Oracle EBS non-Production environments often have complex topologies, usually with separate database and application tiers, often with multiple Application servers. The recent Delphix v5.0 releases addressed this challenging requirement with the introduction of support for multiple Application Servers 'Multi-Node'. I thought it was a good time to revisit how Delphix... Continue Reading →

Oracle EBS R12 and Delphix Agile Data Masking

The Business Challenge Over the past 25 years I worked for various clients in the Defence, Aerospace and Finance industries, one business challenge which I frequently come across is 'Data Masking'. During many engagements I frequently have to consider the management and use of many different security classifications and types of data, my experiences suggest that even though... Continue Reading →

Taking Oracle EBS R12 up into the Clouds with Delphix

Getting 'Cloud Ready' In my previous Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Virtualisation postings I have shown how Delphix can be used to Virtualise your EBS environment, and then how it can be used to to provision new virtual EBS environments. Part 1: Virtualising Oracle EBS R12.1 using Delphix Part 2: Creating a Virtual Oracle EBS Environment using... Continue Reading →

Creating a Virtual Oracle EBS Environment using Delphix v4.1

Oracle EBS R12.1 Virtualisation Since v4.0 Delphix has had the ability to Virtualise Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) environments - (Database, Database Tech Stack & Apps Tier), in this 2nd post I will provide a detailed walkthrough on how you can use Delphix to provision a Virtualised EBS environment. For this walkthrough I have built an R12.1.1... Continue Reading →

The Data Supply Chain

The Data Supply Chain   During the late 80’s early 90’s I worked in the high tech electronics industry, more precisely ‘Manufacturing Supply Chain’. This was a time of great change with IT systems delivering integrated Finance and MRP solutions and the start of the ubiquitous use of desktop computing, who remembers using Lotus 123,... Continue Reading →

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