Automate to avoid database cloning disasters.

"Accidentally destroyed production database on first day of a job" Wow, that headline grabbed my attention. Earlier this week you may have seen an article reported by The Register about a post in  reddit from a junior software developer going by the name of  "cscareerthrowaway567", who on his/her first day destroyed a Production database and lost their job.... Continue Reading →

Oracle 12c on Docker

Getting the Image Great news, during DockerCon 2017 Oracle announced support for Oracle 12.1 Database Docker images. Press release: Oracle Brings Oracle’s Flagship Databases and Developer Tools to the Docker Store Previously to run an Oracle Database in a Docker container you needed to create your own Docker image, I actually Blogged on this earlier in... Continue Reading →

Getting started with Ansible and Oracle

Introduction In my previous post An introduction to Ansible I shared some reasons why companies are adopting Ansible and described some of the advantages of using Ansible over other configuration management tools. Now we know what Ansible is, let's start using it. Setting up an Ansible Control Machine The simplest and quickest way to get up and running... Continue Reading →

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