Why Enterprise Architecture ?

Why Enterprise Architecture ? A question which is often debated within Organisations is what is Enterprise Architecture (EA) and do we need it ? The question is often due to a mis-understanding of what EA is and sometimes down to the fact the company may already have Solution Architects and are unclear in the distinction between... Continue Reading →

Managing Organisational Change with Enterprise Architecture

The Role of the Enterprise Architect As key change agents, Enterprise Architects are often critical in the success of organisational change, working closely with all areas of the businesses and IT to produce 'As-Is' architectures, developing 'To-Be' architectures and any intermediate transition architectures. Enterprise Architects need to combine architecture and domain knowledge with other skills... Continue Reading →

Common Blockers to Technology Adoption

In this Blog I will share some issues and potential blockers to technology adoption I have seen,  and share steps which can be undertaken to address these and hopefully accelerate adoption. Blockers are commonly categorised into 3 groups People, Process & Technology People Personal and organizational barriers are a frequent causes for slow adoption; there can be many reasons... Continue Reading →

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