Block storage IO performance testing with ORION (ORacle IO Numbers)

Background When a DBA gets the request to perform a storage IO test most will probably look to use the extremely poplar, and excellent SLOB (Silly Little Oracle Benchmark) by Kevin Closson, or maybe HammerDB or Dominic Giles'sSwingBench for Transactional / TPC-DS type tests. However, if you find yourself under time or other constraints ORION... Continue Reading →

On-line migration of Oracle 18c/19c filesystem datafiles to Oracle ASM

Background Prior to Oracle 12c moving non-ASM data files required taking data files ‘offline’ and negotiating an outage with the business, since Oracle 12c this is has no longer been the case. I was recently challenged with moving a good size filesystem 19c Oracle database from an existing storage platform to a new storage array. Prepare ASM... Continue Reading →

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