Block storage IO performance testing with ORION (ORacle IO Numbers)

Background When a DBA gets the request to perform a storage IO test most will probably look to use the extremely poplar, and excellent SLOB (Silly Little Oracle Benchmark) by Kevin Closson, or maybe HammerDB or Dominic Giles'sSwingBench for Transactional / TPC-DS type tests. However, if you find yourself under time or other constraints ORION... Continue Reading →

On-line migration of Oracle 18c filesystem datafiles to Oracle ASM

Background Prior to Oracle 12c moving non-ASM data files required taking data files ‘offline’ and negotiating an outage with the business, since Oracle 12c this is has no longer been the case. I was recently challenged with moving a good size filesystem 18c Oracle database from an existing storage platform to a new storage array. Prepare ASM... Continue Reading →

Creating new Oracle 18c ASM Disk Groups

Creating New Volumes Create the new ASM volume(s) using your storage platform, for this blog I have created 3 volumes on a Pure FlashArray, simply providing names and sizes. Note the Volume serial numbers,  these will be used in the multipath configuration wwid (World Wide Identifier) SCSI storage device serial numbers are universally unique. Each... Continue Reading →

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