Oracle 19c RAC database online migration to ActiveCluster for extended / stretched RAC clusters

In this post I will share how to perform an online move of an Oracle 19c RAC database to a Pure Storage ActiveCluster Pod to provide Active-Active synchronous replicated storage for an extended / stretched Oracle RAC cluster. Step 1 - ActiveCluster Pod The first step is to create a Pod, in the example below... Continue Reading →

Online Oracle database storage migration with Oracle ASM

Background So, the time has come to migrate your Oracle database to another storage array. There are a number of different options available to us, including the Oracle online datafile move, Oracle Recover Manager (RMAN) backup/restore, Oracle DataGuard failover, Data Pump, GoldenGate, host base mirroring, storage replication to name just a few. The method selected... Continue Reading →

Oracle Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System (ACFS) – Resizing File Systems

So if you read my Getting Started post and have already created your first Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) Clustered File System (ACFS) or have been using it for a while. You may have found yourself needing to resize the ACFS File System, this is easily completed with acfsutil utility. As you can see below... Continue Reading →

Oracle Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System (ACFS) – Getting Started

Background There are many times when a shared file system is a hard requirement or is needed to make life easier. If you don't have access to Pure FlashBlade or other NFS server and need a shared filesystem then Oracle Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System (ACFS) maybe worth considering. Starting with Oracle Automatic Storage... Continue Reading →

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