Creating a Virtual Oracle EBS Environment using Delphix v4.1

Oracle EBS R12.1 Virtualisation

Since v4.0 Delphix has had the ability to Virtualise Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) environments – (Database, Database Tech Stack & Apps Tier), in this 2nd post I will provide a detailed walkthrough on how you can use Delphix to provision a Virtualised EBS environment.

For this walkthrough I have built an R12.1.1 VIS environment running on a non-RAC Database server and single Application server with the directory structure below.

EBS R12.1
Oracle EBS R12.1 directory structure

In my previous post Virtualising Oracle EBS with Delphix  I showed how to injest an Oracle R12.1 EBS environment into Delphix, I will now walkthrough the steps to provision a full Oracle EBS R12.1 environment (Database, Database Tech Stack & Apps Tier onto a non-RAC database server and single Application server.

Provision Database Tech Stack

From the Delphix console select your Environment dbTech Stack we created in part 1 of the Blog and select your Target Oracle EBS Database server and update the fields as required, if like me you prefer to have each EBS environment running as a different OS user select the ‘Environment User’ from the pick list.

dbTech Stack - Target Environment
dbTech Stack – Target Environment













Select your Target ‘Group’ and ‘Snapshot Policy’

dbTech Stack - vFiles Configuration
dbTech Stack – vFiles Configuration














Click ‘Next’

dbTech Stack - Hooks
dbTech Stack – Hooks













Review and Click ‘Finish’

dbTech Stack - Summary
dbTech Stack – Summary












  Provision EBS Virtual Database (VDB)

During the previous step we provision an EBS Oracle Home on the Target Database server, we can now use our new Virtual Oracle Home to provision our Virtual EBS Database (VDB). Enter database name and set the ‘Environment User’ to the same value as the previous step.

Provision VDB - Target Environment
Provision VDB – Target Environment













Provide VDB name and Group, Click Next

Provision VDB - VDB Configuration
Provision VDB – VDB Configuration














Click ‘Next’ on the Hooks screen.

Review Summary and Click ‘Finish’ to start the VDB provision process.

Provision Apps Tier

We should now have our EBS Virtual database running on our Target Database Server out of it’s own Virtual Oracle Home, the next step is to provision the Apps Tier.

Select the Target EBS Apps Server and complete the ‘Target Environment’ form providing the ‘applmg’ account name the other details which will be used by the Oracle EBS adcfgclone process

Provision Apps Tier - Target Environment
Provision Apps Tier – Target Environment














Click ‘Next’

Provide Name and Group and Click ‘Next’

Provision Apps Tier - vFiles Configuration
Provision Apps Tier- vFiles Configuration














Click ‘Next’ on the Hooks screen

Review the Summary and click ‘Finish’ to launch the provision of the AppsTier

Provision Apps Tier - Hooks
Provision Apps Tier – Hooks

We have a now a provisioned a full Virtual EBS environment from our Delphix server running on our Target Database & Apps Server

In the final part of this Trilogy I will show how you can use Delphix to provision an EBS environment in the Cloud

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