Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c (13.3) deploy Plug-Ins

At the beginning of July Oracle released Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13.3 so I thought it was a good time to see what has changed and also document how to import an OEM Plug-In.

To get started, I created a new Oracle 12.2 database and then installed OEM 13.3 following the steps produced by my good friend Tim Hall aka (  Oracle-Base )

Download Plug-Ins

A good place to get Oracle Enterprise Manager Plug-In’s is from the Oracle Extensibility Exchange, here you will find many OEM Plug-Ins which have been developed by Oracle Partners and up-loaded for use by the Oracle Community.


Now search for the required OEM Plug-In


Once downloaded transfer the file to your OEM server ready for importing.

Import the Plug-In

Logon to Enterprise Manager from the command line:

[oracle@z-oem 13c]$ emcli login -username=sysman

Enter password 

Login successful

Use emcli to import the local opal file. e.g

[oracle@z-oem 13c]$ emcli import_update -file=”/u01/app/oracle/13c/” -omslocal

Processing update: Plug-in – Enterprise Manager for Pure Storage Flash Array

Successfully uploaded the update to Enterprise Manager. Use the Self Update Console to manage this update.

Deploy Plug-In

From the main screen, select the Setup Cog, then select Extensibility and then Plug-ins.


From the Plug-Ins page, select the ‘Pure Storage FlashArray’ plug-in in the ‘Servers, Storage and Network’ section


Then select Deploy On and choose Management Servers.


If the prerequisites checks pass you can continue with the Plug-Ins workflow.

Provide sys credentials for the OEM repository, and then click ‘Next’


At the step 4 ‘Review’, hit ‘Deploy’ to initiate the deployment process.


Now Click on Status to monitor progress of the deployment.


If the Plug-In deploys successfully you will see the ‘Status’ change to a green tick.


You are now ready to configure and use the newly installed OEM 13c Plug-In

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