Oracle Database Automation with Ansible AWX

In the video below I demonstrate how a simple Ansible playbook can be used to automate the cloning of multiple Oracle databases in parallel.

In the demo I use the AWX Web UI to run the playbook, the AWX project is an Open Source community project sponsored by RedHat, it can be considered the ‘bleed-in edge’ of RedHat Ansible Tower.

AWX is designed to be fast moving and is where the development takes place before being hardened and making it’s way into the enterprise ready RedHat supported Ansible Tower solution.

AWX is great from lab work, but for all Production workloads I would strongly recommend that Ansible Tower is considered.

Pure Code Developer Community

Visit the Pure Code Developer Community and click on the ‘Ansible Playbook Examples’ card to be directed to the public GitHub repository, you will find this and other Oracle playbook examples.

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