Installing Linux Package Groups

Installing Package Groups

I came across an Oracle Linux 7.2 server this week that was missing some required prerequisite packages for my Oracle Database install.

This was easily fixed with yum and package groups, package groups allows you to install a group of dependent packages in one go rather than individually.

A package group has a name a groupid which you can determine with the yum grouplist -v command which lists all package groups.

~]# yum -v grouplist Compatibility\*
Not loading "rhnplugin" plugin, as it is disabled
Loading "ulninfo" plugin
Loading "langpacks" plugin
Adding en_GB.UTF-8 to language list
Config time: 0.023
Yum version: 3.4.3
Setting up Package Sacks
pkgsack time: 0.006
group time: 0.042
Available Groups:
   Compatibility Libraries (compat-libraries)

You can now use the yum groupinstall command to install the package group.

~]# yum groupinstall compat-libraries

Alternatively, you can use the package group name in quotes.

~]# yum groupinstall "Compatibility Libraries"

Or if you prefer, you can use the @ which tells yum you want to use groupinstall 

~]# yum group @compat-libraries

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