Oracle dNFS Throughput testing

Oracle Direct NFS In my previous Oracle dNFS Blog post I detailed how to configure Oracle 12cR2 to use Oracle dNFS multi-path, in this Blog I will share some test results that I achieved in my Oracle 12cR2 Pure Storage FlashBlade lab. Theoretical Limits A Gigabit Ethernet network can transmit 1,000,000,000 bits per second, as we normally... Continue Reading →

Using Oracle dNFS Multi-path

Oracle Direct NFS (dNFS) Multi-path If you have multiple interfaces on your database server and your NFS server also supports multiple interfaces you should consider using Oracle dNFS multi-path. Oracle dNFS multi-path removes the need to distribute and manage datafiles over multiple NFS mount points, Oracle dNFS multi-path can also improve throughput if you were not... Continue Reading →

Getting started with Ansible and Oracle

Introduction In my previous post An introduction to Ansible I shared some reasons why companies are adopting Ansible and described some of the advantages of using Ansible over other configuration management tools. Now we know what Ansible is, let's start using it. Setting up an Ansible Control Machine The simplest and quickest way to get up and running... Continue Reading →

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