How to Clone and run an Oracle Database in a Docker Container

During a recent conversation, I was asked How can I clone my Production Oracle 19c database, and run the database clone in a Docker container ?

Great question, I hear you asking.

Well, I have been talking about Docker, Kubernetes and Containerisation for many years but when I checked I had no video demonstrating how to do it.

In the attached video, you will see me take a Pure Storage FlashArray storage snapshot of an Oracle 19c database, and then overwrite a test volume.

I then create a Docker volume and start a Docker container using the Oracle 19c Database container Image ( available from the Oracle Container Registry) and the newly refreshed Docker volume.

Finally before releasing the containerised clone, I rename the Oracle Database, Pluggable Database (PDB), datafile and directories, and then confirm database has been updated.


In this short video, I have demonstrated how FlashArray storage can be used to clone traditional Oracle database, and then be used to deliver an Oracle database running in a Docker container.

In my next post I will walkthrough the process and share the code examples, happy viewing.

Check-out this video, demonstrating how to Clone an #Oracle 19c #Database and then run the clone in a #Docker Container @OracleDevs @PureStorage #DevOPS #ACED

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