Oracle Rapid Clone Automation (ORCA) for Windows


I have previously blogged on how a simple Ansible playbook can be used to automate the cloning of Oracle database(s) on Linux, utilising the Pure Storage Ansible modules and storage snapshots.

If you’re interested my Ansible code for Oracle Rapid Clone Automation (ORCA) can be found up on GitHub or if you prefer to see it in action you could watch it here.

But what about Windows?

I was recently asked ‘Well that’s great, but what about Windows ?’

I don’t come across on Oracle on Windows as much as I may have done in the past, but that got my thinking could I port ORCA to Windows.

So I sourced a couple of Windows 2019 Servers, installed the Oracle binaries and created a source database ready for porting my Ansible playbook to Windows.

Below is a short (edited) video of ORCA for Windows initiated from my Linux Ansible control machine.

In the video I create a record in my source Oracle on Windows database using SQL Developer, run my Ansible playbook and then validate the newly created record is visible in my refreshed target database.

ORCA for Windows

Next Step(s)

My next job is to tidy-up the code, create a GitHub repo for ORCA for Windows and upload the code, I will then look at creating a more detailed blog on how it works.

Let me know what you think, enjoy!

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