Oracle VM 3.4.6: Importing Templates

If you have followed my previous Oracle VM Blog posts you should have by now a working OVM deployment using either Block, NFS or both.

I am now going to provide a walkthrough on how to import an Oracle VM Template.

First start by visiting Oracle Technology Network and navigating to the Oracle VM Overview select the Downloads tab and look for Oracle VM Virtual Appliances (Templates) follow the link and you will be presented with the Virtual Appliances Download – Oracle VM and Private Cloud Appliance table.

For this Blog I will be installing an Oracle Linux 7 Template, clicking the Download Link provides detailed instructions on how to download the Oracle VM Templates from 

From the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud I selected the below and downloaded to my laptop and transferred to an Apache WebServer I have set-up to host OVM downloads. Note: the Oracle VM Manager supports import via HTTP, HTTPS or FTP.

Now we have our Oracle VM Template copy the address from your bowser and use to import the Virtual Appliance into your OVM Repository.

From our OVM server we can see the Virtual Appliance located in the ../Assemblies/ directory.

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