Oracle VM 3.4.6 : Part 5 – OVM NFS Storage

Oracle VM NFS Storage

If you been following my series of Blog Post on OVM you should by now have a working OVM Server and Manager. However, if you a new to this series you can catch-up using the links below:

Pure Storage FlashBlade

In this Blog post we will create our first OVM Repository for Oracle VM images using NFS storage.

Our first step is to create an NFS File System and export it to our OVM Server. In the example I am creating a 5TB file system on one of my lab Pure Storage FlashBlades with snapshots enabled and access limited to my OVM Server.

Create File System

Oracle VM Manager File Server

Logon to your Oracle VM Manager and refresh your previously created NFS File Server to discover our newly created NFS export.

Refresh File Server

Click OK to confirm Refresh, our new file system should now be visible in Oracle VM Manager Storage tab.

File System – Default Name

An optional step now is to Right Click the file system, and select Edit to provide a more meaning full name and description. Once updated Right Click again and this time select Refresh.

Updated and refreshed File System

Create Oracle VM Repository

Click on the Green Plus to create a new Repository, enter a Repository Name, default Network File Server, Description and click on the Magnifying Glass to select the Network File System previously added. Then click Next.

Repository Information
Create a Repository: Select Network File System

Select OVM Server and move it to Present to Server(s) and click Finish.

Present to Servers

Oracle VM Server

If we now logon to the Oracle VM Server as root we can now see our newly created NFS mount point, and the Oracle VM created directory structure e.g.

- Assemblies
- ISOs
- Templates
- VirtualDisks
- VirtualMachines
z-ovm_images – 5TB FlashBlade File System
Repository directory structure

In my next Blog I will create another Oracle VM repository for my planned Oracle VM VirtualMachine but this time using iSCSI block storage.

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