ODC Appreciation Day : International conferences and making new friends


Back in 2016 Tim aka ‘ORACLE-BASE’ launched the the first OTN (Oracle Technology Network) Appreciation Day, after the success of 2016 it was repeated again in 2017 under the new moniker of ODC (Oracle Developer Community).

Oracle Developer Community 2018

My ODC 2018 Blog post this year is about the amazing global Oracle community and the various events put on across the planet.

As an OracleAce and speaker, I am fortunate to get the opportunity to visit some fantastic countries, cities and venues. Experience different cultures, try local foods and make new friends, everywhere I go, the Oracle community is warm and welcoming and filled with passionate people who want to share experiences and ideas learn new things.

This year I have created some amazing memories, some of the highlights include:

  • Skydiving at MadridFly
  • A tour of Jerusalem
  • Experiencing a genuinue Finnish sauna and impromptu singing.
  • Drinking Polish vodka on a picture-perfect beach.

And many more, however the best thing about attending international conferences is catching up with old friends and hopefully making new ones

Looking forward to making some new memories and of course new friends at Oracle Open World in a couple of week. #SeeYouAtOpenWorld

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