Oracle dNFS Throughput testing

Oracle Direct NFS In my previous Oracle dNFS Blog post I detailed how to configure Oracle 12cR2 to use Oracle dNFS multi-path, in this Blog I will share some test results that I achieved in my Oracle 12cR2 Pure Storage FlashBlade lab. Theoretical Limits A Gigabit Ethernet network can transmit 1,000,000,000 bits per second, as we normally... Continue Reading →

Using Oracle dNFS Multi-path

Oracle Direct NFS (dNFS) Multi-path If you have multiple interfaces on your database server and your NFS server also supports multiple interfaces you should consider using Oracle dNFS multi-path. Oracle dNFS multi-path removes the need to distribute and manage datafiles over multiple NFS mount points, Oracle dNFS multi-path can also improve throughput if you were not... Continue Reading →

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