How to use Ansible to map a Linux device to a vVOL FlashArray Volume

Background In my previous post I walked through how you can determine a vVOL FlashArray volume from a Linux device. In this post I will show how we can automate that process with Ansible using the same /dev/sdd Linux device and some code examples. Ansible Linux Facts Let’s start by using the ansible_facts.devices to identify… Continue Reading →

Ansible 2.6 Now available

At the beginning of July, Ansible 2.6 was released, this release depreciates a few commands, fixes some issues and extends Cloud support for Amazon, Azure & Google. Ansible 2.6 also includes a few new and updated Pure Storage FlashArray and for the first time FlashBlade modules: Pure Storage FlashArray purefa_host – Enable mixed protocol hosts purefa_hg –… Continue Reading →

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