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Oracle Database 23c Free Developer Release on OKE with Portworx Essentials – Part 1

In this 3 part blog series I am going to share how to get started with Oracle Database 23c Free Developer release on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) using Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) and the Portworx Essentials forever free edition.

In Part 1 will cover the creation of the OKE Cluster, Part 2 will detail the Portworx installation, and Part 3 Oracle 23c Free Developer Release.

Create an Kubernetes Cluster

To create our Kubernetes Cluster let’s logon to the Oracle Cloud using your OCI credentials, navigate to Developer Services, and from there select Kubernetes Clusters (OKE).

Select the required compartment and click on Create cluster.

For the purposes of this blog I will select the Quick create option from the OKE wizard.

Update Cluster Name, Compartment, Kubernetes version, Kubernetes API endpoint, Node type, Kubernetes worker nodes, Shape and image as required.

Check the Portworx supported Managed Kubernetes version and prerequisites, for this blog I updated Name, Kubernetes version to v1.25.4.

and set the number of OCPUs to 8 and the amount of memory to 16GB.

Click Next, then Create cluster, the Cluster will take several minutes to create.

Once Active, click on the Cluster Name. and select Access Cluster.

Choose the method of Access and follow the instructions provided to set-up Kubeconfig.

Using the Local Access steps I can now access the Cluster from my laptop, we can see our Kubernetes Cluster and confirm the number of Worker Nodes, OCI Region, Availability Domains and Fault Domain using kubectl get nodes, providing the topology labels, for example

rekins@rekins--MacBookPro15 ~ % kubectl get nodes -L,,
NAME          STATUS   ROLES   AGE   VERSION   REGION        ZONE               FAULT-DOMAIN   Ready    node    33m   v1.25.4   uk-london-1   UK-LONDON-1-AD-1   FAULT-DOMAIN-3    Ready    node    33m   v1.25.4   uk-london-1   UK-LONDON-1-AD-3   FAULT-DOMAIN-1    Ready    node    33m   v1.25.4   uk-london-1   UK-LONDON-1-AD-2   FAULT-DOMAIN-2

And list available Kubernetes Storage Classes

rekins@rekins--MacBookPro15 ~ % kubectl get sc
oci                          Delete          Immediate              false                  40m
oci-bv (default)   Delete          WaitForFirstConsumer   true                   40m


In this blog I have shared to create an 3 node OKE Kubernetes Cluster in an OCI Region, spread across 3 Availability Domains.

In Part 2 we will share how to install Portworx into our new 3 node Kubernetes Cluster.

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