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Ansible 2.6 Now available

At the beginning of July, Ansible 2.6 was released, this release depreciates a few commands, fixes some issues and extends Cloud support for Amazon, Azure & Google.

Ansible 2.6 also includes a few new and updated Pure Storage FlashArray and for the first time FlashBlade modules:

Pure Storage FlashArray

purefa_host – Enable mixed protocol hosts
purefa_hg – Modify existing hostgroups
purefa_ds – Manage Directory Service configuration
purefa_facts – Gather Facts information
purefa_pgsnap – Manage Protection Group snapshots

Pure Storage FlashBlade

purefb_fs – Manage filessystems
purefb_snap – Manage filesystem Snapshots

Pure Code Developer Community

Visit the Pure Code Developer Community and click on the ‘Ansible Playbook Examples’ card to be directed to the public GitHub repository for example playbooks.

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